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Monday, May 22, 2017

Johan Endre,Integrity,Ingenuity,and More

 In today's world it's becoming harder and harder to find a person who says what they mean,and mean what they say.
It's becoming more rare to find an honest individual these days. So It was quite the suprise when I met Mr.Yohan Endre of Daytona Beach Florida. Seeing me struggle one day trying to get all my Laundry to the Laundromat,clumsily dropping a shirt here, a pair of short's there, Mr. Johan Endre stepped up to lend a helping hand. He stated the obvious, "You need not just one, but two laundry bags at the very least."
Well I said in reply, "I just can't afford it"

 Going on about my day, I was caught by total surprise when there came a knock at my door and low and behold when I opened it, there stood Mr. Endre holding not just a Laundry Bag, but several.
Selflessly, Mr. Johan Endre handed over the bags and with a smile on his face said;"Now you don't have to worry about dropping all your clothes"

Thank you!!!!!

Johan Endre Daytona Beach Forida

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