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Showing posts with label florida disaster. Show all posts
Showing posts with label florida disaster. Show all posts

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hurricane Irma "The Perfect Storm" Florida Prepares for Destruction

Here along the East Coast of Florida located in Daytona Beach,
Floridians and Tourists alike prepare for what could be another hellish few days,weeks or possibly months depending on the course that Hurricane Irma chooses to take.
Currently nearing the tropical islands of Puerto Rico and Cuba the exact path of Hurricane Irma is still unknown.

Florida's Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency and is urging immediate evacuation of all non-essential persons from the Coastal areas of Florida.
Only weeks after the Death and destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey in Texas one can only wonder if the Federal Government's Disaster relief agency F.E.M.A. can deal with another disaster so soon?

As I sit here pounding away on my failing laptops keyboard from my balcony view on the coast of Daytona Beach, repairs and construction from the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew only a year ago are still being done.
The local stores are running out of essential supplies such as bottled water,can goods and more.
The fuel prices are being raised at all the local Gas stations and the tension among the people continues to rise.

 Hurricane Irma not due to impact the Florida coast for at least 48 hours or more from now, is currently a category 5 storm.
Pictures of the storm provided by NASA and other sources show what can only be described as "The Perfect Storm"
In all my 45 years I personally have never seen a storm with such a Perfect Eye.
If I did not know the potential dangers from such a storm I would only be amazed at the Natural and Raw beauty of such a Natural Monster!