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Showing posts with label Jesus. Show all posts

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Newly Discovered Book of The New Testament

Lost Book from the King James Version, New Testament of the Holy Bible Recently Revealed in A Dream to Me:
And After Jesus Wept,because he had run out of Water to turn to Wine;
And Judas drank the Last of the Bittersweet Elixir,
And After Jesus Wept,from the Stinging Slap to His Face after Turning The Other Cheek;
Jesus declared to the People,
“Enough is Enough!”
“From now until Judgement Day, No Longer will I bestow Upon my Friends and Followers the Bittersweet Drunkenness of FREE Wine.”
“From now until Judgement Day, No Longer will I turn the other Check when transgressed Upon by Physical Attack nor will I send a Prayer Request to My Father, The Lord; to Forgive the People because They Know Not What They Do.”
“Let it Be Known! From this Day Forth I am to this Earth No Longer Meek!
Let it Be Known! From this Day Forth I will No Longer be Mistaken as Weak because I Turned The Other Check!”
“My Name Jesus is Forever to be Defined from this Day Forth and Until Judgement Day as to mean: KARMAGEDDON
“My Wrath Upon those that Transgress the Innocent,will be Unmerciful!
Upon the Heads of those that Drink My Last Cup of Spirits,Punishment will be Swift!
I shall Smite from the Earth your Entire Family Line!
I shall Wipe Your Cities from the Face of the Earth as if Your Places of Residence had Never Been!”
“Upon the Heads of those that would bring Physical Harm to Innocents,it would be better to Cut your Own Throats than to Feel MY Wrath!”
“For I will Show NO Mercy!” “Forgiveness Will Be a Word Forgotten by Me!”
“I am KARMA, and I shall deliver KARMAGEDDON Upon Your Heads!”