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Showing posts with label daytona beach police. Show all posts

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Daytona Beach Shores Police Pursuit Ends in Deadly Crash on A1A

 While on my balcony at the Tropic Aire Motel on A1A in Daytona Beach Florida just a couple of hours ago I was witness to a most horrifying incident.
Located where what usually is an incredibly wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Famous roadway A1A the view suddenly turned deadly.

 The roadway was empty of all vehicles for as far as the eye could see in either direction when I heard the sound of a vehicles motor revving up extremely high.
I turned my attention to the south where the sound was seemingly emanating from when a Black Automobile came into view approaching at an alarmingly high rate of speed.

 Just to the south of my location is a Turn on A1A that should only be driven at the posted speed limit or less, which is 30 MPH.
My first thought was that this vehicle is traveling way to fast for this road.
Then as the vehicle approached me even closer I could see that it was what I believe to be a Black Nissan Altima.
Then just as quickly the car passed and suddenly there came not one but two loud noises from the car and the car just as quickly careened across the road crossing the oncoming lanes and disappeared from my view.

 Almost immediately thereafter came the horrifying sound of Crunching Metal and what could only be Death at such a high rate of speed.
I immediately went for my cell phone to call 911 but there was no need.
The sounds of sirens came nearer and a Daytona Beach Shores Police Cruiser arrived on the scene.
Apparently the Black Auto was Fleeing from Daytona Beach Shores Police pursuit when the crash occurred.

 Let it be made very clear,at the time of this accident there WAS NOT any Daytona Beach Shores Police vehicles anywhere near this Automobile and the First to arrive on the scene did so after 45 seconds or so.

 Just South of my location within view is the divider between Daytona Beach Police Jurisdiction and that of the Daytona Beach Shores Police.
With the southern portion being that of the Daytona Beach Shores Police and the Northern that of the Daytona Beach Police.

 I immediately headed down the street to see the outcome of this horrible wreck and what I witnessed was horrifying.
The vehicle was no longer recognizable as any such.
The make,the model,was not apparent.
The vehicle had slammed into the front of a concrete partition in front of  a neighboring Hotel and it appeared that the Rear of the vehicle was now in the Front seat.

The following is video that I very hastily shot with my iPhone, and I apologize for the poor quality but I was very shaken at what I had witnessed and what I was Witnessing.

To my knowledge there was Two People in the Vehicle.
And they did not survive as evidenced by the arrival of the Daytona Beach Traffic Fatality Evidence Van seen below.

Police Chase Turns Deadly in Daytona Beach Florida
Daytona Beach Traffic Fatality Investigation Unit