Friday, September 22, 2017

This Weekend I'm Playing Fantasy Football

Playing fantasy football, whether for fun or real money, is a great way to enjoy one of America's favorite sports, professional football. As a beginner, you will most likely be playing with experienced managers that already know the nuances of the game.

Picking a League Format

When you sign onto a real or free money fantasy football site, you will be asked to register. Free sites typically are used for league play where you draft a team and play that team in a league format for an entire season.

Tips on Picking Players

As a beginner, you will most likely have a casual approach to picking players, preferring not to invest a great deal of time on statistical analysis. That's understandable and fine, but you should be aware that some of your competition will use that information, which provides a bit of an advantage over those who don't.

Tips for Picking Players in an Annual League Format

Note: standard leagues use offensive skilled position players, kickers and team defenses only. If individual defensive players are included, it is referred to as a "IDP" league. Beginners should avoid auction drafts and stick with standard "snake" drafts.

1. As you are drafting your team, pick the best available player for each specific position first before you start drafting backup players.

2. Draft a balanced team and try not to over-focus on one particular position. You want to avoid drafting your favorite players unless they will truly benefit you in the scoring.

Look for a "scoring bias" in the scoring rules. This refers to the notion that some leagues sets scoring rules that might favor the QB a little.

4. Pick kickers and team defenses towards the end of the draft as they seldom provided any real advantage over a full season.

5. Watch your "bye" weeks. You want to make sure both your QBs don't have the same bye week, which would force you to the waiver wire or to lose points.

Tips for Picking Players for Weekly Contests

When playing for money, you should alter your focus. You are not drafting players, you are selecting the best group of players you can without exceeding the salary cap.

1. Find value by selecting good offensive players scheduled to play against bad defensive teams. On the other side of the coin, you should avoid offensive players going up against the best defenses.

2. You should read weather reports and try to avoid players who might be playing in rain or snow. Go back and make adjustments as necessary before game time if you selected your teams well in advance.

3. Look for streaking players who may be under-valued and avoid slumping players who may be over-valued. Don't be afraid to play the trends.

4. Use every dime of your salary cap.

5. Never play with more money than you can afford to lose.

Every week, it is up to you to manage your team. In league formats, fellow managers are expecting you to show up and play every week to the best of your ability whether you are in first place or last.

Playing fantasy football, whether for fun or real money, is a great way to enjoy one of America's favorite sports, professional football. As a beginner, you will most likely be playing with experienced managers that already know the nuances of the game. Free sites typically are used for league play where you draft a team and play that team in a league format for an entire season. Find value by selecting good offensive players scheduled to play against bad defensive teams. You should read weather reports and try to avoid players who might be playing in rain or snow.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hurricane Irma "The Perfect Storm" Florida Prepares for Destruction

Here along the East Coast of Florida located in Daytona Beach,
Floridians and Tourists alike prepare for what could be another hellish few days,weeks or possibly months depending on the course that Hurricane Irma chooses to take.
Currently nearing the tropical islands of Puerto Rico and Cuba the exact path of Hurricane Irma is still unknown.

Florida's Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency and is urging immediate evacuation of all non-essential persons from the Coastal areas of Florida.
Only weeks after the Death and destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey in Texas one can only wonder if the Federal Government's Disaster relief agency F.E.M.A. can deal with another disaster so soon?

As I sit here pounding away on my failing laptops keyboard from my balcony view on the coast of Daytona Beach, repairs and construction from the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew only a year ago are still being done.
The local stores are running out of essential supplies such as bottled water,can goods and more.
The fuel prices are being raised at all the local Gas stations and the tension among the people continues to rise.

 Hurricane Irma not due to impact the Florida coast for at least 48 hours or more from now, is currently a category 5 storm.
Pictures of the storm provided by NASA and other sources show what can only be described as "The Perfect Storm"
In all my 45 years I personally have never seen a storm with such a Perfect Eye.
If I did not know the potential dangers from such a storm I would only be amazed at the Natural and Raw beauty of such a Natural Monster!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Devestates Texas

Hurricane Harvey hit South Texas head-on late Friday, with the Category 4 storm unleashing torrential rain and blasing winds, and leaving thousands without power.
The powerful eye wall of Harvey reached land by 11 p.m. ET between Port Aransas and Port O'Connor, Texas, with winds of 130 mph, the National Hurricane Center said.
It is the first Category 4 hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Hurricane Charley in 2004.
    Millions of residents along the south Texas coast saw hurricane-force winds that knocked down trees, power poles and signs.
    First responders are yet to assess the impact that the extremely powerful hurricane has caused over Texas in the first hours since landfall but forecasters have said it will be devastating and leave areas "uninhabitable for weeks or months."
    Harvey has the "highest potential to kill the most amount of people and cause the most amount of damage," said Brock Long, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
    As Harvey deluges Texas, coastal cities could see 13 feet of storm surge and as much as 40 inches of rain by Wednesday.
    104,000 customers of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) electric system lost power just at Harvey made landfall Friday, the corporation said on Twitter.
    -- Rockport, Texas, officials are advising residents who refuse to evacuate to write their names and Social Security number on their forearm, Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Rios told CNN. Rios said it will "help out first responders should they find a body."
    -- President Donald Trump, who will visit the area next week, has signed a disaster declaration for the state.

    Saturday, July 22, 2017

    Bitcoin and the Economy

    Utilizing digital money, particularly Bitcoin, in online exchanges is getting more well known. This advanced cash is generally traded without including legislative establishments and banks. The most well known option cash is Bitcoin. This decentralized digital currency was first utilized as a part of 2009. It is prominent in light of the fact that it is the most dependable among others. Something that make it sheltered and dependable is that Bitcoin is ensured by calculation. In the mean time, some different digital forms of money are ensured by private keys hide away at the TPM.

    New and Imaginative Blockchain systemGovernmental establishments and banks can't control cyptocurrency trade. Bitcoin, for instance, utilizes Bitcoin’s blockchain exchange database as disseminated record. Accordingly, the exchange or exchange is controlled by this Bitcoin’s Blockchain. In securing Bitcoin’s Blockchain, it is critical to keep the PC and web association on. Nonetheless, clients don’t need to do that any longer. New programming and application has empowered them to have Unknown Money exchange. It implies that clients can trade and exchange Bitcoin securely without stressing over hazard from counterparty. Also, it no longer needs vitality and registering power in guardian the blockchain secure.

    With this advancement, more advantageous Mysterious Cash exchange can be connected. This vitality sparing system is a truly necessary answer for cryptographic money exchange and trade. Up until this point, securing Bitcoin’s blockchain takes a great deal of vitality. With the developing prominence of Bitcoin trade, this vitality issue can cause more difficult issues. Presently, Bitcoin clients never again need to stress the vitality squander when they are exchanging and mining Bitcoin.

    This new component utilizes Postponed Evidence of Work framework. At the point when clients utilize this framework, it will legally approve the pieces. After it is recorded on this framework, Deferred Verification of Work (DPOW) Blockchain and Bitcoin Blockchain will have an understanding. This instrument will happen when this creative framework is enacted.

    The new Blockchain system is ideal for you who ache for 100% protection and security over your advanced cash exchange. This new programming will ensure your decentralized cash and protection. You will never again need to stress over the intercession of outsider. In this way, you can exchange and trade Bitcoin secretly. On account of this new framework, you can utilize your Bitcoin unreservedly and helpfully.

    Applications perfect with DPOW mechanismThe programming of DPOW Blockchain is controlled with phenomenal and capable components. Also, it is perfect with different awesome applications. One of them is Iguana Center. This capable cryptographic money wallet is exceptionally creative. It empowers you to have nuclear swaps between coins that are upheld by this wallet. In the event that you have this wallet, you can have Bitcoin exchange safely. There is no hazard in utilizing this wallet. Counterparty chance has been dispensed with in this application. In this manner, you can securely exchange or trade your decentralized money.

    On the off chance that you need something more secure, you have to pick Komodo wallet. It offers you with add up to assurance. Furthermore, it additionally furnishes you with namelessness. On the off chance that you like to exchange Bitcoin in secretly, this wallet is ideal for you. Komodo Wallet is extremely sheltered. It will ensure your protection brilliantly. Doing private exchange utilizing this wallet is amazingly advantageous.

    The stage of this creative decentralized money is splendid. It has incredible UI. In this manner, clients can exchange Bitcoins effectively and rapidly. Also, it is extremely valuable. The maker of this framework and applications is continually attempting to do their best to handle decentralized digital currency issues. Since the developing prevalence of Bitcoin, it is justifiable that there will be issues should be understood, for example, programmers and fakes.

    Also, the initial step of staying away from programmers and fakes is by exchanging and doing Bitcoin exchange secretly. Unknown exchange will empower you to conceal your subtle elements. In this way, programmers won't have the capacity to get to your own information and take your Bitcoin.

    Thursday, June 29, 2017

    New York Yankees Greatest Comebacks Ever

    New York Yankees
    New York Yankees Celebrate

    That is hit in the air to left back at
    the track at the wall and Teixeira has
    put the Yankees on the board with a
    two-out home run to left and the pitch
    is swung on a high drive to deep
    left-center veal that ball is high it is
    gone it has gone high flyball into
    back at the wall this is gone
    in Boston unbelievable as its 9/8 here
    in the seventh-inning swisher skies one
    into scenter
    back at the law this ball is off the
    road one run scores it'll be nuñez
    Jeter right behind him and with the
    Yankees have taken the lead down nine to
    nothing they lead it in the eighth
    ten nine and four RBIs he rips one down
    the right-field line
    this ball is fair one hop into the seats
    and a ground rule double brings home two
    more and the Yankees lead by three
    denied here in the eighth inning flyball
    into Center that's well hit back is Ross
    this one's over his head two more runs
    Martin will dig for second he's got a
    two-out two-run double here's a 3-2 left
    side Aviles in the hole snaps gets up
    snores three - that one is drilled deep
    to left field
    that ball is going to be see a Grand
    for Alex Rodriguez a-rod ties Gary and
    the Yankees tie the Braves for four
    that one is drilled deep to right field
    going back in with lucky no singer
    Nick Swisher and the Yankees have come
    all the way back to take a 6 to 4 lead
    no move to the boat man is he Vanya
    shoots it into the corner this ball is
    gone and this game is tied 3-3 on a shot
    by Raul Ibanez down the left-field line
    into that corner well hit a home run
    to make and forth
    for fun
    second whole room
    stay Shabbos fornix let's see
    these ladies have taken a
    to take a 65 lead
    or some rehab
    we want to a tie game
    see ya a Bulevar two-run shot and
    and the 101 stout the first keys win
    probable game
    a walk-off III Ichiro scores of the
    Yankees come back chiming again and then
    witness 110 deny taking advantage of the
    short porch and right now one is sitting
    in right field it's D it is go
    is 33
    they pinch it too
    about his clutch as clutch could be 3 3
    and the O on the left side and Cervelli
    here's the throw it's not in town the
    magic number is 1 the Yankees win 4 to 3
    in the early centerfield Adam Jones
    going back back back and he can't make
    the play
    Oh second
    there will be
    his time excuse-me hit a two-run shot to
    tie a game which the Yankees won in
    extra innings and that foul is driven to
    write and read
    since being in the bullpen
    fair or foul care gone
    it's a 4-2 day we really got to bury him
    especially at this part ball right field
    back to the wall Jean debt the less this
    one is placed on a team for dicks
    rocks and that close
    New Year's the throws
    he is a pinch-hitter 54 pinch-hitting
    appearances 15 hits three homers 17
    ribbies that one is still deep to right
    field there it goes see ya the Yankees
    have the lead a pitch in solo home run
    Travis Hafner and it's a save situation
    now on his driven to left field and deep
    going back McLeod turning looking see ya
    a homerun for Soriano and the Yankees
    are now down four to two that one is
    driven deep to left centerfield McLouth
    back looking up Seija a monster home run
    for morg Reynolds and now it's Orioles
    four Yankees three ground ball up the
    middle that's a base hit Alex Rodriguez
    rounds third they're waving him home
    Jones comes up throwing the play at the
    plate he's in there the total game is
    tied at four that one's driven out to
    right centerfield there we go
    seeya a two-run home run for Soriano and
    the Yankees take a 6-4 lead runner goes
    the third ball is hammered down the
    left-field line another base hit another
    one into the corner Granderson scores
    Reynolds will go to second with an RBI
    double and the Yankees pouring it on
    they lead 7 for
    grounded fan inside Thurston down the
    right-field line battle school Ellsbury
    easily a fan touches the ball so Soriano
    will stop at second
    with an RBI double the Yankees are on
    the board and the White Sox now lead
    three to one
    Oh one too crowded fair inside third
    Soriano will score Salah day we're out
    first he'll stop right there
    and the Yankees that close to within one
    it's 3 2 right Sox
    the center field
    a pinch-hit single for payment
    the Yankees have totaled the game of
    high fly ball deep right Sierra back on
    the track at the wall leaks saya a
    homerun for Ellsbury and the Yankees
    take the lead 4 2 3 2 2 how would you
    keep the right-field going that neither
    on the track at the wall see ya tie game
    take home run for Teixeira and the three
    to know until deep to right Derek Garcia
    ballgame a walk-off solo shot by Chase
    Headley and the Yankees come back and
    win a big game against the Boston Red
    Sox by stove five to four
    three to that one is drilled deep
    tilling the field going back joys
    turning looking see he gets to job a
    four more teams
    - vo on that one is drilled deep to left
    going back Joy's trap
    see ya
    three run
    but Crisco and the Yankees win
    fireworks above the scoreboard at
    fireworks right here
    Apetit goes to second so to share with
    an RBI single and the Yankees are one
    away from retime soaked in the Yankees
    complete the fireworks in with McCann
    tying runs at second bottom of the 12th
    the Yankees couple get with it
    fourth weekend
    coming into this game Alex Rodriguez has
    never homered here at Target Field
    statistic is going to change
    Bendis homerun
    the third debt
    and let fear be one one Alex Rodriguez
    this ball hit hard the left-center field
    and Alex Rodriguez is having himself a
    big night
    a 2-run shot the 22nd of his season to
    the Yankees are right back in this 1010
    pitch from Perkins hit high in the air
    deep centerfield back those Hicks this
    one is gone
    it's a tie ballgame he's done it three
    for the crowd here in Minnesota didn't
    waste any time
    jumped on Perkins first pitch and this
    game is tied at five hit in the air and
    this is deep deep right-center field
    Hicks going back near the wall and
    is gone
    on for John Brian Murphy and the Yankees
    lead eight to five that one is drilled
    in the left centerfield that's trouble
    it's in there and it bounces over the
    wall Yankees get a tough break because
    two would have scored there but the way
    it is it's a double to share a scores
    and the Yankees have runners on second
    and third and they break through with a
    run it's 3 1 Toronto the one to that one
    is drilled deep to right field
    going back Bautista looking up Seija up
    pitch a three-run home run for Carlos
    Beltran a huge blow for the Yankees and
    they leave this game 4 to 3 3 - that one
    is drilled deep to right that's their
    that's gone
    SIA into the second deck Brian McCann
    goes yard the Yankees are on the board
    it's 2-1 age
    the Yankees have tied the game at hand
    Ellsberg's gonna score ball
    who-whoa see ya
    the Yankees lead five to two driven deep
    to right field there it goes
    SIA a home run for Alex Rodriguez a
    two-run shot and the Yankees are on the
    twins lead four to two flyball
    left-field deep that ball is gone an
    opposite field home run by Carlos
    Beltran and that ties the game at four
    here's the payoff base hit to right
    field Headley scores
    here comes Gregorius here's the throw
    it's cut off it's a two-run single for
    Ellsbury and the Yankees have come all
    the way back they lead six to four fly
    ball that should get in a run catch is
    made ref Snyder tags throw comes in to
    third it's a sac fly for Gardner and the
    Yankees now lead seven to four
    Dasia home run a three-run blast into
    the bleachers and the Yankees have life
    it's the Rockies eight in the Yankee 7
    line drive base hit left-center the
    Yankees at tar the game
    in RBI single for DV and it's 8/8 that
    was driven deep to left field
    see ya game over a walk-off home run for
    stolen Castro and the Yankees win nine
    drive to right field going back to track
    wall leaps saya a home run for me
    7:4 that brings up a run as a time
    what a big win for the Yankees they
    snatched victory out of the jaws of
    defeat and they win this one 9 7

    Friday, June 23, 2017

    New York Yankees Aaron Judge,the next Babe Ruth?

    Aaron Judge Batting for the New York Yankees
    New York Yankees Home Run Hitter Aaron Judge

    Aaron Wayne Judge (born Apr twenty six, 92) is definitely an U . s . specialist baseball outfielder for your

    The big apple Yankees regarding Baseball (MLB). Judge performed school football at Fresno

    Condition, as well as was selected through the Yankees in the first circular with the 2013 MLB set up. He made his / her MLB

    introduction within 2016, as well as received the particular United states League's Rookie from the 30 days Merit for April and may even 2017.

    Judge was born and also raised inside Linden, California. Determine gone to Linden Senior high school, exactly where

    he or she was obviously a three-sport celebrity. He enjoyed being a drink pitcher (9-3, 0.65 Era, 65K) and also initial baseman (.500

    AVG, 7 HR, thirty-two RBI) for your baseball staff, a wide receiver (fifty four REC, 969 YDS, seventeen TD) for your

    football group, and an "all-state" middle (18.2 PTS, 12.8 REBS) for your baseball team.

    This individual established a college report for touchdowns (17) inside football and directed the c's in points for each sport

    (18.2) in basketball. Inside baseball, he was part of the Linden High school team that produced the

    California Interscholastic Federation Division 3 playoffs.[1][2]

    Various colleges employed Assess to experience sports, which includes Notre Dame, Stanford, as well as UCLA in order to

    play restricted finish, yet he desired football. The particular Oakland Athletics picked him in the thirty first round

    from the the year 2010 Baseball write, however he opted to enroll at CA Express University,

    Fresno (Fresno State), to play for your Fresno Condition Bulldogs baseball team in the Hill

    West Convention. Louisville Slugger called your pet the Freshman All-American. He or she received the particular 2012

    TD Ameritrade College Home Operate Derby.[3] In the jr 12 months, Assess brought the Bulldogs in home

    operates, doubles, as well as works batted within (RBIs).[4] Judge has been known as All-Mountain Western side Convention

    in every three periods he enjoyed for your Bulldogs.

    Friday, June 16, 2017

    How a Husband Survived a Trip to The Mall and Why America is Screwed!

    Hello World!

    Yesterday morning I awoke to my wife asking me if I was interested
    in going to The Mall with her and our daughter.Being married for almost 20 years now,I know the response I was expected and required to give,"Yes Dear,That sounds Great!''
    Any other response would have been received with an angry sigh and would have exposed myself to differential treatment for the remainder of the day.
    I Hate The Mall!
    So being the obedient husband that I am,I got out of bed and began to prepare myself for the Trip to the Mall.
    My wife cooked us breakfast,something that would not of occurred had I not accepted the invitation to the mall.

    My daughter whom had spent the night with a friend returned home on time,simply because of the upcoming trip to the shopping mall,and soon enough we made our way as a Family unit to shop for clothing and other items that my daughter had need of.

    Did I mention the Fact that I HATE THE MALL?
    OK, we arrived at the mall in one piece.We entered at the western end through 
    JC Penney's and the misery began.
    Tired and Unhappy I immediately put on my "I'm so happy to be here" face,and started to follow the girls.
    Noticing as always that the prices in here are well above those at the Thrift Stores that I'm accustomed to shopping at,when I shop,which is every other year.

     After not finding anything interesting or of value,the girls decide that it is time to venture into the Mall itself and check out the other shops. Victoria Secret's being the main destination for my Teenage daughter, just happened to be almost at the other end of the mall,so I am thrilled at the possibility that my girls have dozens of other stores that might peek their interest along the way to Victoria's Secret.

     Sometime later, and several trips outside the mall to smoke a cigarette,the girls finally arrive at Victoria's Secret. Dumbfounded as always,I ponder the Fact that I have always believed Victoria's Secret to be an exclusive Shop for Adult Women's Lingerie, yet here I am waiting patiently outside the store, as the clientele that entered and exited was made up predominantly of Young Teenage girls.

     Call me crazy,but has this been the case all along?
    I'm 45 years old,being a baby of the early 70's.When i was a teenager of Sixteen,so many years distant,I wonder if the young girls had Sexy Lingerie from Victoria's Secret on under the clothes they wore? As a normal teenage boy, I wanted nothing more than to actually find out what exactly those young girls did indeed wear underneath their clothes.
    And also like most young teenage boys,I never got the chance to find out. I am,a couple or few decades later,sitting outside the store.
    As luck would have it,and intuitively so,there happened to be very comfortable,very not so inexpensive,reclining chairs placed in the middle of the mall's thoroughfare,for all the Dad's that found themselves in much the same situation as myself. These chairs being for sale by a Local Furniture Store.

     Now I began quizzically to examine the Mall patrons as they walked by on both sides of me.So many people. Coming and going.Not many Dad's though.
    Mostly mothers and their children.Grandparents and their grandchildren.
    So many people.Did I mention the fact that I don't like people? No? Well,I don't.
    After years of being screwed over by people taking my kindness as a weakness,I have found that my general distrust in the nature of people is justified and warranted.

     OK,there goes a tall one,a short one,an in between one,etc...
    There goes a guy who thinks he is a girl.
    There goes a girl who thinks she is a guy.
    And wait a second,there goes someone,I'm not sure exactly of the gender,that obviously is not sure of their gender either.What the Hell?

    OK,off in the distance I notice a woman approaching my location in a very tight,very short dress.
    Here we go, I think to myself, I'm going to get me a Good look at a Hot Young Chick as she passes by!!!

     Well,she gets closer.....closer.....and then Holly Shit......This is not a Hot Young Chick in a sexy tight mini dress!
    This is an Older Woman,at least closer to 60 than 50,and Not Hot at All!!!!!

    For the Love of God!!!!! This is not appropriate!!!!! This isn't even interesting or Funny!!!!
    This is just down right discouraging and really disturbing!!!!!

    So then I start to put 2 and 2 together.
    And the resulting sum that I came up with is disheartening to say the least.

    I'm sitting outside America's Premier Store for Ladies Lingerie watching basically children spend untold amounts of money to wear something sexy that hopefully no one will even get to see.Wanting so badly to be Grown Up.

     And then the Woman whom has lived several lifetimes in comparison to these teenagers,wearing what only a young woman should be wearing goes by.

    It's Becomes clear to me. A profoundly disturbing but accurate epiphany.

    America is Screwed!

     The women and young girls of America have been Brainwashed!
    Mainstream media and advertising has led our females to believe that they are supposed to be 21 years of age forever,skinny,and wearing clothing, that for lack of a better term,isn't even clothing.
     More like some leftover cloth put together that just barely sides on being legal.

     In general, our women have been the target of one of the Biggest Mind Fucks in History! All perpetrated by the greed that runs rampant in Corporate America!

    The Biggest case of Identity Theft Ever!
    Whole generations of women that refuse to accept what and whom they are.

    Well.....about that time my girls exited the store and my trip to the local Shopping Mall came to an end.

    I have survived another trip to the Mall!


    Wednesday, June 14, 2017


    1 - DRIVER FAIL GIVE NOTICE OF ACC   11TR0024000 (Class P Traffic)   7265637 - ILLINOIS STATE POLICE   CLOSED - DISMISSED   
    05/23/2011  2 - IMPROPER TRAFFIC LANE USAGE   11TR0024001 (Class P Traffic)   7265638 - ILLINOIS STATE POLICE   CLOSED - DISMISSED   
    07/02/2009  3 - OBTAIN ELEC PERMIT/BEFORE WORK   09OV0003918 (Petty Offense)   232045 - BELLEVILLE   CLOSED - DISMISSED   
    07/02/2009  4 - FL OBTAIN ELECT CONTR LICENSE   09OV0003919 (Petty Offense)   230500 - BELLEVILLE   CLOSED - CONVICTION   
    04/01/2006  5 - BATTERY/CAUSE BODILY HARM   06CM0002298 (Class A Misdemeanor)   5013454 - ST. CLAIR COUNTY SHERIFF   CLOSED - DISMISSED   
    04/01/2006  6 - AID/ABET DAMAGE TO MTR VEHICLE   06CM0002299 (Class A Misdemeanor)   5013455 - ST. CLAIR COUNTY SHERIFF   CLOSED - DISMISSED   
    04/01/2006  7 - BATTERY/CAUSE BODILY HARM   06CM0002300 (Class A Misdemeanor)   5013456 - ST. CLAIR COUNTY SHERIFF   CLOSED - DISMISSED   
    08/05/2005  8 - DISREGARD STOP SIGN  05TR0047655 (Class P Traffic)   963804 - E. ST LOUIS   CLOSED - DISMISSED (END OF SUPERVISION)   
    08/31/2001  9 - DRIVING 16-20 MPH ABOVE LIMIT   01TR0042366 (Class P Traffic)   5032879 - ST. CLAIR COUNTY SHERIFF   CLOSED - DISMISSED (END OF SUPERVISION)   
    01/07/1993  10 - RESIST/OBSTRUCT PEACE OFFICER   92CM0009430 (Class A Misdemeanor)   7946349 - ILLINOIS STATE POLICE   CLOSED - DISMISSED   
    01/07/1993  11 - DRVG UNDER INFLU OF ALCOHOL   92TR0001391 (Class A Traffic)   7946344 - ILLINOIS STATE POLICE   CLOSED - DISMISSED (END OF SUPERVISION)   
    01/07/1993  12 - FLEEING/ATTEMPT ELUDE POLICE   92TR0072009 (Class B Traffic)   7946346 - ILLINOIS STATE POLICE   CLOSED - DISMISSED   
    01/07/1993  13 - FAIL TO REDUCE SPEED   92TR0072010 (Class P Traffic)   7946345 - ILLINOIS STATE POLICE   CLOSED - DISMISSED   
    01/07/1993  14 - IMPROPER TURN SIGNAL   92TR0072011 (Class P Traffic)   7946347 - ILLINOIS STATE POLICE   CLOSED - DISMISSED (END OF SUPERVISION)   
    01/07/1993  15 - SEAT BELT REQUIRED/DRIVER   92TR0072012 (Class P Traffic)   7946348 - ILLINOIS STATE POLICE   CLOSED - DISMISSED   
    07/29/1992  16 - OPERATE UNINSURED MTR VEHICLE   92TR0039579 (Class U Traffic)   70559 - BELLEVILLE   CLOSED - DISMISSED   
    01/23/1992  17 - FOLLOWING TOO CLOSELY   92TR0006151 (Class P Traffic)   7585271 - ILLINOIS STATE POLICE   CLOSED - DISMISSED (END OF SUPERVISION)   
    08/22/1991  18 - DRIVING 11-15 MPH ABOVE LIMIT   91TR0045358 (Class P Traffic)   7572189 - ILLINOIS STATE POLICE   CLOSED - CONVICTION   
      21 - 95.5 3 701   78TR0007066 (Not Defined)   BELLEVILLE   CLOSED - CONVICTION   
      22 - ORD   78TR0007067 (Not Defined)   BELLEVILLE   CLOSED - CONVICTION   
      23 -   80TR0016269 (Not Defined)   BELLEVILLE   CLOSED - CONVICTION   
      24 - SPEED   81TR0005565 (Not Defined)   O'FALLON   CLOSED - CASE HAS BEEN ARCHIVED   
      25 - CRIM DAMAGE PR   82OV0003339 (Not Defined)   E. ST LOUIS   CLOSED - DISMISSED   
      26 - FLEE/ELUDE P/O   82TR0037341 (Not Defined)   E. ST LOUIS   CLOSED - DISMISSED   
      27 - SPEEDING   85TR0027144 (Not Defined)   WASHINGTON PARK   CLOSED - CONVICTION   
      28 - SPEEDING   86TR0009654 (Not Defined)   ILLINOIS STATE POLICE   CLOSED - CONVICTION   
      29 - NO WHEEL TAX S   88TR0013512 (Not Defined)   BELLEVILLE   CLOSED - DISMISSED   
      30 - SPEEDING   88TR0038523 (Not Defined)   O'FALLON   CLOSED - DISMISSED   

    James Hodgkinson,Capital Hill Shooter,His Tweets and More

    Man Brings Assault Rifle Instead of Baseball Bat to Congressional Ball Practice

     James Hodgkinson‏ @JTHInspections  Apr 5
     I'm asking @SenatorDurbin to support @SenJeffMerkley's filibuster of @realDonaldTrump's right-wing #SCOTUS nominee. h/t @BoldProgressive
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     James Hodgkinson‏ @JTHInspections  Apr 5
     I'm asking @SenateDems to support @SenJeffMerkley's filibuster of @realDonaldTrump's right-wing #SCOTUS nominee. h/t @BoldProgressive
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     James Hodgkinson‏ @JTHInspections  25 Mar 2016
     @Donald_O_Norman Yo Don I have never done a 4Point Inspection. How do I break into that field? @JTHInspections
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     James Hodgkinson‏ @JTHInspections  22 Mar 2016
     Ed Schultz@edshow, I would Like to Know why Bernie Topped Tax Code at 52% & $10Mil. I recomm. 70% at $50Mil.
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     James Hodgkinson‏ @JTHInspections  8 Apr 2015
    Replying to @DSNupdate
    @DSNupdate @AmbitEnergy I'm interested...
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     James Hodgkinson‏ @JTHInspections  5 Apr 2014
    Replying to @SenSanders
    @SenSanders I don't see the need for the word Sorry. This shit sould have stopped when it started, years ago.
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     James Hodgkinson‏ @JTHInspections  27 Jan 2014
     Hi @Nelson_Michell.
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    Dodging Bullets on Capital Hill,Literally.Congressional Baseball Practice Turns into Horrid Target Practice.

    Congressman Shot at Baseball Practice
    Congressman Shot at Baseball Practice

    Congressman Shot at Baseball Practice
    Congressman Shot at Baseball Practice

    steve scalise
    Congressman Shot at Baseball Practice

    A top House Republican, Steve Scalise of Louisiana, was shot by a rifle-wielding gunman Wednesday in a congressional baseball practice just outside of Washington.

     Several other people were also believed to have been hit, according to a lawmaker who witnessed the shooting.
    Capitol Police said officers who have been a part of Scalise's security detail returned fire and wounded the shooter, who was taken into custody. The assailant died from his injuries, President Donald Trump said.

    Multiple police sources identified the suspect as 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois.

    Scalise, 51, the no. 3 House Republican leader first elected to the House in 2008, was in stable condition and undergoing surgery in a nearby hospital. His injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.Trump said he was "deeply saddened by this tragedy" and was monitoring developments.

    The shooting occurred at a popular park and baseball complex in Alexandria, Virginia, where lawmakers and others were gathered for a morning practice about 7 a.m. The team was taking batting practice when a gunshot rang out and chaos erupted, lawmakers in this area said.

    Saturday, June 10, 2017

    Batman Dead! Why So Serious? Replies the Joker!!!

    Adam West

    Adam Western side, the actor that very first created Batman a popular number about the small screen within the sixties, perished associated with Leukemia on Saturday from age eighty eight.

    Whilst West’s Superman is going to be appreciated most out of the particular kitschy half-hour humor show he starred in for three months through 1966 to be able to 1968, professional struggling fans may greatest bear in mind West’s strange appearance since Batman at a expert wrestling display inside Memphis inside the mid-1970s.

    Superman, inside a velour tracksuit, showed up to deal with Jerry “The particular King” Lawler, An area bad guy who does carry on to become one of the primary celebrities inside WWE. In the past, nonetheless, Lawler was a small-time troll with regard to Memphis Struggling, who dressed up just like Superman to be able to dispute together with Batman.

    The overall performance isn’t fantastic within the standard perception (many think West might have were built with a tipple or even 2 before making his / her appearance), however it’s certainly any joy to watch.

    “We didn’t need that you identify me,” Western commences talking about his / her snazzy tracksuit. He or she goes on to discuss Mr. Freeze and the Penguin going through Memphis as a result of unseasonably winter, before ragging about Lawler with regard to Putting on a costume such as his close friend “Supe,” that he afterwards describes will be Monster, just in case you couldn’t tell.

    The actor or actress was born Bill Western Anderson within Walla Walla, California, as well as went on to be able to earn a qualification within books and Psychology from Whitman School.
    Being employed as a disc jockey, Western side created a remarkable and remarkable words, that they usedly efficiently as the Caped Crusader.
    "If I pick up a telephone and make an international call, the operator knows my voice immediately, as does everybody else," this individual told CNN within an job interview 2 yrs back.
    Because Batman, Western side also proven his / her powerful order associated with terminology, offering goofy one-liners in a deadpan design.
    "Catwoman, I find you to be odious, abhorrent and insegrevious," he or she memorably advised one villain.
    The list of engaging thugs that performed reverse West was lengthy and also illustrious: actresses Juliw Newmar, Eartha Kitt and also Shelter Meriwether (in the film spinoff) because Catwoman; Cesar Romero as the Snake oil salesman; Burgess Meredith because the Penguin; and also Frank Gorshin and John Astin since the Riddler.

    This Weekend I'm Playing Fantasy Football

    Playing fantasy football, whether for fun or real money, is a great way to enjoy one of America's favorite sports, professio...