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Showing posts with label corporate america. Show all posts

Friday, June 16, 2017

How a Husband Survived a Trip to The Mall and Why America is Screwed!

Hello World!

Yesterday morning I awoke to my wife asking me if I was interested
in going to The Mall with her and our daughter.Being married for almost 20 years now,I know the response I was expected and required to give,"Yes Dear,That sounds Great!''
Any other response would have been received with an angry sigh and would have exposed myself to differential treatment for the remainder of the day.
I Hate The Mall!
So being the obedient husband that I am,I got out of bed and began to prepare myself for the Trip to the Mall.
My wife cooked us breakfast,something that would not of occurred had I not accepted the invitation to the mall.

My daughter whom had spent the night with a friend returned home on time,simply because of the upcoming trip to the shopping mall,and soon enough we made our way as a Family unit to shop for clothing and other items that my daughter had need of.

Did I mention the Fact that I HATE THE MALL?
OK, we arrived at the mall in one piece.We entered at the western end through 
JC Penney's and the misery began.
Tired and Unhappy I immediately put on my "I'm so happy to be here" face,and started to follow the girls.
Noticing as always that the prices in here are well above those at the Thrift Stores that I'm accustomed to shopping at,when I shop,which is every other year.

 After not finding anything interesting or of value,the girls decide that it is time to venture into the Mall itself and check out the other shops. Victoria Secret's being the main destination for my Teenage daughter, just happened to be almost at the other end of the mall,so I am thrilled at the possibility that my girls have dozens of other stores that might peek their interest along the way to Victoria's Secret.

 Sometime later, and several trips outside the mall to smoke a cigarette,the girls finally arrive at Victoria's Secret. Dumbfounded as always,I ponder the Fact that I have always believed Victoria's Secret to be an exclusive Shop for Adult Women's Lingerie, yet here I am waiting patiently outside the store, as the clientele that entered and exited was made up predominantly of Young Teenage girls.

 Call me crazy,but has this been the case all along?
I'm 45 years old,being a baby of the early 70's.When i was a teenager of Sixteen,so many years distant,I wonder if the young girls had Sexy Lingerie from Victoria's Secret on under the clothes they wore? As a normal teenage boy, I wanted nothing more than to actually find out what exactly those young girls did indeed wear underneath their clothes.
And also like most young teenage boys,I never got the chance to find out.

 So......here I am,a couple or few decades later,sitting outside the store.
As luck would have it,and intuitively so,there happened to be very comfortable,very not so inexpensive,reclining chairs placed in the middle of the mall's thoroughfare,for all the Dad's that found themselves in much the same situation as myself. These chairs being for sale by a Local Furniture Store.

 Now I began quizzically to examine the Mall patrons as they walked by on both sides of me.So many people. Coming and going.Not many Dad's though.
Mostly mothers and their children.Grandparents and their grandchildren.
So many people.Did I mention the fact that I don't like people? No? Well,I don't.
After years of being screwed over by people taking my kindness as a weakness,I have found that my general distrust in the nature of people is justified and warranted.

 OK,there goes a tall one,a short one,an in between one,etc...
There goes a guy who thinks he is a girl.
There goes a girl who thinks she is a guy.
And wait a second,there goes someone,I'm not sure exactly of the gender,that obviously is not sure of their gender either.What the Hell?

OK,off in the distance I notice a woman approaching my location in a very tight,very short dress.
Here we go, I think to myself, I'm going to get me a Good look at a Hot Young Chick as she passes by!!!

 Well,she gets closer.....closer.....and then Holly Shit......This is not a Hot Young Chick in a sexy tight mini dress!
This is an Older Woman,at least closer to 60 than 50,and Not Hot at All!!!!!

For the Love of God!!!!! This is not appropriate!!!!! This isn't even interesting or Funny!!!!
This is just down right discouraging and really disturbing!!!!!

So then I start to put 2 and 2 together.
And the resulting sum that I came up with is disheartening to say the least.

I'm sitting outside America's Premier Store for Ladies Lingerie watching basically children spend untold amounts of money to wear something sexy that hopefully no one will even get to see.Wanting so badly to be Grown Up.

 And then the Woman whom has lived several lifetimes in comparison to these teenagers,wearing what only a young woman should be wearing goes by.

It's Becomes clear to me. A profoundly disturbing but accurate epiphany.

America is Screwed!

 The women and young girls of America have been Brainwashed!
Mainstream media and advertising has led our females to believe that they are supposed to be 21 years of age forever,skinny,and wearing clothing, that for lack of a better term,isn't even clothing.
 More like some leftover cloth put together that just barely sides on being legal.

 In general, our women have been the target of one of the Biggest Mind Fucks in History! All perpetrated by the greed that runs rampant in Corporate America!

The Biggest case of Identity Theft Ever!
Whole generations of women that refuse to accept what and whom they are.

Well.....about that time my girls exited the store and my trip to the local Shopping Mall came to an end.

I have survived another trip to the Mall!