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Showing posts with label work at home. Show all posts

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mining Cryptocurrency from Your Laptop or Smartphone

Start by Joining Minergate
well companies jump to another Brian
hustle video to the Latian gentlemen
we're gonna do a little market rundown
check out some coins and I'ma show you
some of the sights I used to earn some
extra Bitcoin all right
first side guys we'll go ahead and check
out what's the moon sights the moon
sites have did their payout today all
right not bad just logged in and got by
for thousands of Toshi's on there and I
haven't actually used to site a while I
kind of actually go back to it but I did
you get payout today as two free bit
code int did they pay off the day two as
well right now these are very small
amounts but who knows when the prices of
Bitcoin goes up any small amounts become
well bigger amount all right if you're
lucky you did a little robot through the
CAPTCHA you might actually get a chance
of winning 0.1 Bitcoin right which is
basically like a one in 1,000 chance
we'll go ahead and do our roll and
collect our little free coins all right
do this every time you touch a computer
you get little free Bitcoin just start
you can also use those free Satoshi's to
buy other
kryptos which are far less all right
let's go ahead to the marketing day
looking at the market of Bitcoin is down
slightly very slightly but a lot of all
coins are off all right look at this
guy's come on rip hold up all right I
told you guys about riffle I talked
about that so you guys go ahead and grab
some ripple and look what happened
ripple has been going up is now worth 13
set a coin right I was talking about
grabbing ripple when I was like under
five cents so if you did that
congratulations you made some money
litecoin still been going up to one
percent one my coin level off will start
to crash we don't know yet now that a
whole segment thing announcement added
to coin base which makes litecoin a big
player rights now up in here in a
billionaire club right basically almost
1.5 billion might hit that 2 billion
mark it might easily hit that all right
uh now I talked about them guys I made a
video I told you guys I'm throwing them
holding them numbers super cheap why not
grab them and then was like a penny when
I'll talk about it and if you did
congratulations you made some money all
right - is now 103 dollars which is good
all comes up man is crazy yesterday I
made a video about this coin I said you
might want to look at this
I want to have it into your seed boats
was stellar all right I said I said
stellar if you like Ripple
you should like stellar because
basically the same exact thing just that
ripple involves dealing with the banks
and stuff Ripple these are the banks and
stellar deals with us and now it's
already ranked now in number nine place
seller is at a hundred one hundred
percent gain today look at 100 percent
up all right now if you what's right
video and you follow up my advice and
you say alright I'm gonna go ahead and
grab some seller you will be thanking me
today less than 24 hours you'll be
thanking me because stellar is now up a
hundred percent all right look at that
look at this mark right here all right I
don't know why they don't give me credit
when I make you predictions and I'll
talk about these coins I say it all the
time like all right this is what I think
of this what I'm going to do and that's
what I've done I've made some money on
stellar now what I'll sell it out of my
seed volts I don't know I might actually
do that go ahead and sell it because it
is a nice profit right here alright I
know what I'm going to put some to the
side and my seat belt and then a stellar
I have to trade I'm going ahead and
trade it and sell it forward well you
got a more Bitcoin alright
golem auger I did talk a little bit
about golem that says might be a worth
going in holding right now it's down
like one point sixty percent not much
all right still work for go still work
for hold might be a good chance to
probably jump in and buy all these
prices go low you always want to buy low
sell high
alright so right now stellar wouldn't be
a good buy right now you don't buy it
100 percent up you wait to the prices
start going lower and lower low to a
point you feel comfortable with do you
go ahead and buy it
dogecoin crazy it's up that was the
first coin on my seed boat that was the
first coin I'll talk about when we talk
about our untouchable college was
dogecoin all right if you listen to me
like I said it for and you grab it Gavit
those codes i said try to grab at least
a thousand to ten thousand if you can
get a hundred thousand votes go ahead
those are still a very big player in a
very big audience you well you made some
money on here all right even steam steam
is up that is nice I've been with steam
for a long time all right I see half a
count on steam I'm gonna start back
going back and posting on steam and I
see me
money was team all right G gnosis that's
kind of like I think that's like the
gamble and stuff I really don't deal
with those coins but anyways had 110
dollars so you guys said 105 nice man
money to be made now here's a coin guys
alright this is one byte coin yesterday
general byte coin crazy look at value
102 percent now talk about by coin yes I
talked about by coin well I talked about
it through yo bad alright your violation
gentlemen I've been talking about mining
byte coin with a robot and miner gate
for a long time uh if you go down to
miner gate that's going on look at the
dashboard of miner gate miner gate you
can mine
bike coin uses your CPU and GPU you
combine the holliness cool and I've been
doing this for a long time and I don't
use it I don't use my own miner gate no
more because the PC is cuts little stuff
now but I did mine the hell out of this
going for a long time you can get out of
get like a thousand coins a day on this
site alright and I'm gonna go back to my
nerdy cousin on people want to see how
is the connection between miner gate
which is extremely trusted everybody
knows and in hashing 24 and I'm sure
that till you uh know I'm going in soon
see right now let's go to cloud mining
right here in the top let's go to
frequently asked questions and here you
miner game provides the opportunity for
purchase cloud money Contras via our
partners hashing 24 there you go hashing
24 so if you're going to go to miner
gate and go ahead and get their cloud
mining feature you might as well go
straight to the source
skip the middleman go right to the
source let's go right to the source
hashing 24 and bam there you have it
alright now you have a hash 224 you guys
here log in there and actually be like a
second mining site along with Genesis
mining why not have more than one
currency going to you Alex that's
exactly what I do I have more than one
wallet and I have currencies going from
different mining sites from faucets all
going into different wallets so each and
every day I get payments from multiple
sites and it's the way of diversifying
your cloud mining all right oh yes there
now partners with
Margate alright minor gate does not
partner with a lot of people at all they
just don't do this one who trusts
excites they've been around for a while
everybody knows minor gays legit so if
you know minor J is 100% legit they
would not cloud mine with a partnership
with a fake cloud mining service it just
won't do that it's very bad for business
alright that's basically like McDonald's
trying to join a partnership with some
mile and pop store that doesn't really
have a business license they wouldn't do
that they'll make sure that you're
actually a part of the real organization
and company before they decide to go
ahead and join a partnership with them
that's why you see companies like Taco
Bell and KFC have partnerships
alright that's exactly this is this is
Taco Bell and hashing 24 is KFC all
right it can't exceed Taco Bell
partnership agreement now you don't see
KFC with some Joe Blow chicken shack all
right you just won't see that because it
just not does not does have the
all right so hashing 24 is right there
there you go alright and you guys can go
ahead and check it out the prices are
similar to genesis mining is it better
than genesis mining well not really
better it's a little bit higher but if
they do have a lot of plans to the
future right you guys can contact them
you can call them you can see the
facility for City stuff this is bit
theories on cloud 9 service bitfury
makes the best all right of the latest
software latest hardware from bitfury
this company will have it first all
even with Genesis Genesis probably
bought a lot of their equipment from
bitfury they probably have some bit main
stuff too but I hope not ok got the bit
means that the bit name was going to a
lot of stuff with them playing with all
the software and hardware do that but
bitfury has a bit about it and bit
theory some largest mining pool ever go
ahead look at the UH the Bitcoin mining
pool so you will see that bit theory is
like a dam there half of the mining pool
so when it comes to mining is another
thing to do when it comes to mining your
company has to win the rewards you have
to win those rewards right it's not like
I got the most miners I'm gonna get the
most Bitcoin that's not necessarily true
there's people who solo mined in a house
might be
lucky winner of the blocks get my twin
up alright so that's how mining actually
goes really I just because you're a
biggest country doesn't mean that you
won all the blocks they sent pins if
your company's out those blocks fastest
and therefore you get the rewards all
right janeshia smiling is very good so I
feel like Genesis mining they've been
paying daily and you can't really call
my scam because they actually have to
pay have I traced some of their
transactions and where the big questions
coming from and oh I haven't done that
yet I think I might do anything next
video anyway has to 24 hours you guys do
that it tells you exactly how to do that
that makes sure that every single
Bitcoin you got was freshly mined and
these were first hasn't seen on any
other blockchain for instance if you say
Bitcoin to somebody else it hasn't been
sent to other people than other people
all over the chains in stored somewhere
else then they give you a pea these are
first bitcoins you are the very first
people to use those coins alright anyway
let's go ahead and move right along
let's go to your body now I will talk
about yo bat and your bun has something
to do with bike coin ever since I
started tennis told you guys about your
bias and jump on your BOTS don't mind
large currencies nine small currencies
and what do I mind I mind the hell out
of my coin because you can mine by corn
extremely fast and you can hurry up an
auto withdraw to many accounts you want
to bytecode is nailed up a hundred and
two percent if you've been doing this
since I started channel you would have
made some money and you would have to
pay much for it
you see on your buys you really don't
have to pay any money you could do this
for free right now I told you guys
before about the mining information the
status of the servers they have all that
game you have all the pictures the
contact information you guys can call
them they've been around ever since I
started this channel guys I mean you've
been around as longer or longer than has
vast oceans alright
and the has also was the fake site that
claim to be around for two years this
has been around for a very long time
since 2013 to 2017 alright there's
credibility for that sites been around
for a long time as you can check it you
can actually pi if you want to work here
you can do a career and fought an
application and work here guys alright
let's go to careers you want to work for
yo but they had the career they're
looking for a software engineer iOS
looking for a software developer
go ahead and submit your resume so you
guys can work for this company all right
why because it actually is a real
company anyway when it comes to yo bot
yo buy I try to mine under coins don't
my litecoin don't mind any coin is over
100 bucks it's going to take you a very
long time to do try to my coins that's
very cheap to mine you could pull out a
system very fast I'll recommend sites
like this made safe you can do some them
golem I paid this some golem on the site
and they transfer those over easiest way
to do this is go up here do the faucet
and the foster will give you a little
mouse you can convert those faucet funds
into cloud money by going to the
exchange don't go to buy cloud go right
there change and right now imma do the
real time now I have some bike coin
about this amount right here and it's
worth about 32,000 soshe's right here
and say I want some extra hashing power
I go down to this list I click a b c n
where's that bc n 3 go and it's going to
show me my amount of bike coin i have
right now
then i can transfer this to a 5-year
rental of 256 4.0 alright and where i
can do this for a 24 hour shot 4.0
alright now that is different kind of
shots guys uh we always see the
reconcile 256 there are different types
there are two point no they're 3.0 there
were four point now these are different
software's in upgraded technology right
so just because you see the sha-256 you
got to understand and find out which
sell 256 right there are different
versions and there are some there are
mining with certain softwares that allow
you to mine faster for this is you can
mind using sha-256 uses some type of
pool and they're set up and you can use
different software with them and it
might mind slower than the goal of the
same exact size that's using a different
type of algorithm is use maybe a 4.0 GPA
which is a little faster right anyway
let's move along and you can do the
24-hour rental right here now that's
going to give me six hundred and fifty
two Giga hashes for a 24-hour period
well go ahead and buy day just to show
you right now go ahead goodbye now for
24 hours I have extra big asses and it
serves you right here here you go
24-hour rental exchange PC
and as you see uh update I had another
withdrawal of 2009 kissing the
withdrawals of that all the time also
get bonuses of bite coin
see by coin by coin by coin by coin is
although the bonuses added to my account
I didn't have those sent to the polonium
she says you can exchange those coins
for a real Bitcoin alright here goes the
bonuses up dogecoin just did a ripped
out of gold coins like 400 right there
you can exchange it for gig as you go
dude withdrawal alright exchange got
1289 gig ahead be seeing and I've sent
it for 19 gig has alright and if I can
go ahead and build your classes up using
uh robot alright so let's go ahead and
go to my account go to the top you see
how much big ass I have on this account
834 that's it
not that much and what I do don't look
at this mining and this daily stuff here
people look at order us you wanna mind
Bitcoin that's how I was gonna take it's
gonna take a long time don't mind
Bitcoin mind the other coins my like
bite coin find some more gold
- in fact them - other small coins you
can go ahead and auto withdraw them
right out of the system
go ahead and move along I see these all
set to auto withdrawals bit quit a
second 0 because I don't mind Bitcoin
and setting them aside to run but I'd
rarely ever mind that say it was like
corn go away my time I try to mind these
other smaller coins and then it goes to
your account golem is set to 100 I think
I did do a withdrawal on an auto on
golem you guys can switch around to
different currencies there's also a
diversity thing we could set diversity
and you can set what scores you will
demise so right now I have it set on
dogecoin them by coin and made safe
alright they will automatically rotate
forever coin wherever algorithm where
everything you can get out the fastest
or what's the best price and best time
to miners at a time the system will
automatically do that it was a SETI
project right here you guys can go
search for alien life that's not talking
you guys are for about to search for
alien life and the world the corner I
was talking about African coin the
golden process that's what it was the
golem and this is the search for alien
life using your CPUs and stuff alright
which is like the golem the Golem
plastic is uses your CPU power rental
for the whole master of computers all
right so anyway that's a nutshell of yo
body you guys can do this for free
you don't have to sign up and pay
anything you comfort the table do a
faucet and stop minding whatever
currency you want all right
is it cheaper than not hashing 24 and
Genesis and though it's not really
cheaper but it does allow you to mind
multiple currencies I been around for a
long time I've been doing this for a
while I think my referrals is like
ridiculous sort of thing because I've
been doing this for a long time favorite
referrals on the site man when I got
close and it was keeps going down down I
get little bonuses for referrals 600 and
I know 560 referrals just on the site
all right and it's been very good and
never had a complaint say never not one
thing person ever complained about this
site they actually have a live chat you
guys can go ahead and say I'm going to
check it out so that's the thing about
yoga so because your BOTS done we can
hash you 24 done and what's the next
thing Genesis Genesis been good I talked
about it before um let's go ahead and
move along trying to keep these videos a
little bit shorter what is this Oh bitch
connect let's see how big Connect is
doing a big connect a I got $11 in
without 6 all right what should happen
the market has been going crazy now now
people say the big connect tokens and
stuff doesn't have anything to do with
the actual Lindy and in a way it doesn't
but if I want to catch this out I have
to transfer this into my big connect
wallet and then if I want to sell those
going to have to go over to the exchange
it didn't sell my big connect tokens or
the exchange in order for me to cash out
Bitcoin now I could be wrong honest but
what I did has some money on there I
tried to cash out and I had to go to the
exchange and sell these Bitcoin bit
Connect tokens all right that's what I
had to do get a big drop right here now
let's start the car back up right foot
okay connect now throw on the dropping
way crazy that is crazy man I got in
ones like 10 bucks 11 bucks and just do
just take them so now if I want to sell
my bit connect tokens I'm not to go to
their exchange built onto their site say
hey I want to sell my bit connect tokens
for BTC after I get that BTC then I can
withdraw my BTC to
I account alright and now people say
this doesn't have anything to do with
the values of tokens right the tokens
has nothing to do with the lending but
well the way it does it but if you want
to cash out for Bitcoin it does all
right that's the thing here as you see
my account
bitcoin is negative 30 look at negative
I don't know how the hell this negative
what the hell is that right anyway
that's good connect I hope it does
actually pay out so I can actually get
my return I hope you guys go in there
and get you return to value should go up
if the lending body is really lending
this shit make some money right now
because after all everything is going up
that's the word we connect these right
now drop and drop going down okay it's
32 right now and you as you see it's low
today a little bit a little bit it's at
eight bucks alright well we'll see
anyway just about everything else is up
and that's this thing about this bike
coin if you jumped in it you'd have
probably made some money using the Yoba
I've been talking about for a long time
all right it's just a well activity
probably so alright I did a video about
the search for the way as a search for
Moby Dick alright I've got three of
gotten weird silver without they're
looking for the whales or looking for
Free Willy we're trying to find them
because the whales after all if we're
holding this coin in a whale decide to
say hmm let me go over interstellar let
me dump like a million dollars in
casteller you made some money along with
the whales yes they're going to be
losers but that is up to you which side
do you want to be on we'll be in a
losing Saturday we'll be on the winning
side so long after all not bad stellar
one up to one hundred and eighty nine
million dollars today alright I talked
about that yesterday it was well under
that if you guys listen you woulda made
some money alright anyway this is Ryan
hustle go and check out Ryan Bitcoin
calm and this is my Sunday update