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Showing posts with label pyramid schemes. Show all posts

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Facebook on Fire Scam! Get Paid to Post on Facebook NOT!!!!

Beware of the latest Facebook scam called "Facebook on Fire"
It is nothing but a glorified Pyramid scheme.
They try to lure you in with this fancy Video and promise you a pile of cash.
"Get Paid to Post on Facebook"
Not gonna Happen people!!!!!!
They want you to pay $49 to get access to all the material that shows you how to "Make Money on Facebook"
When in reality all they do is give you an affiliate link to share this same damn video!!!!!
And no, I did not fall for it.
Instead I investigated it, to reveal the Truth!!!!
You simply can not and will not make thousands of dollars a day posting on Facebook unless you actually have a legitimate product for sale, or you can find 100 Complete Idiots a day to watch this video and pay $49 to find 100 more complete idots, etc...etc....etc...
Pyramid scheme with a nice video is all this is!!!!!