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Showing posts with label baseball comebacks. Show all posts
Showing posts with label baseball comebacks. Show all posts

Thursday, June 29, 2017

New York Yankees Greatest Comebacks Ever

New York Yankees
New York Yankees Celebrate

That is hit in the air to left back at
the track at the wall and Teixeira has
put the Yankees on the board with a
two-out home run to left and the pitch
is swung on a high drive to deep
left-center veal that ball is high it is
gone it has gone high flyball into
back at the wall this is gone
in Boston unbelievable as its 9/8 here
in the seventh-inning swisher skies one
into scenter
back at the law this ball is off the
road one run scores it'll be nuñez
Jeter right behind him and with the
Yankees have taken the lead down nine to
nothing they lead it in the eighth
ten nine and four RBIs he rips one down
the right-field line
this ball is fair one hop into the seats
and a ground rule double brings home two
more and the Yankees lead by three
denied here in the eighth inning flyball
into Center that's well hit back is Ross
this one's over his head two more runs
Martin will dig for second he's got a
two-out two-run double here's a 3-2 left
side Aviles in the hole snaps gets up
snores three - that one is drilled deep
to left field
that ball is going to be see a Grand
for Alex Rodriguez a-rod ties Gary and
the Yankees tie the Braves for four
that one is drilled deep to right field
going back in with lucky no singer
Nick Swisher and the Yankees have come
all the way back to take a 6 to 4 lead
no move to the boat man is he Vanya
shoots it into the corner this ball is
gone and this game is tied 3-3 on a shot
by Raul Ibanez down the left-field line
into that corner well hit a home run
to make and forth
for fun
second whole room
stay Shabbos fornix let's see
these ladies have taken a
to take a 65 lead
or some rehab
we want to a tie game
see ya a Bulevar two-run shot and
and the 101 stout the first keys win
probable game
a walk-off III Ichiro scores of the
Yankees come back chiming again and then
witness 110 deny taking advantage of the
short porch and right now one is sitting
in right field it's D it is go
is 33
they pinch it too
about his clutch as clutch could be 3 3
and the O on the left side and Cervelli
here's the throw it's not in town the
magic number is 1 the Yankees win 4 to 3
in the early centerfield Adam Jones
going back back back and he can't make
the play
Oh second
there will be
his time excuse-me hit a two-run shot to
tie a game which the Yankees won in
extra innings and that foul is driven to
write and read
since being in the bullpen
fair or foul care gone
it's a 4-2 day we really got to bury him
especially at this part ball right field
back to the wall Jean debt the less this
one is placed on a team for dicks
rocks and that close
New Year's the throws
he is a pinch-hitter 54 pinch-hitting
appearances 15 hits three homers 17
ribbies that one is still deep to right
field there it goes see ya the Yankees
have the lead a pitch in solo home run
Travis Hafner and it's a save situation
now on his driven to left field and deep
going back McLeod turning looking see ya
a homerun for Soriano and the Yankees
are now down four to two that one is
driven deep to left centerfield McLouth
back looking up Seija a monster home run
for morg Reynolds and now it's Orioles
four Yankees three ground ball up the
middle that's a base hit Alex Rodriguez
rounds third they're waving him home
Jones comes up throwing the play at the
plate he's in there the total game is
tied at four that one's driven out to
right centerfield there we go
seeya a two-run home run for Soriano and
the Yankees take a 6-4 lead runner goes
the third ball is hammered down the
left-field line another base hit another
one into the corner Granderson scores
Reynolds will go to second with an RBI
double and the Yankees pouring it on
they lead 7 for
grounded fan inside Thurston down the
right-field line battle school Ellsbury
easily a fan touches the ball so Soriano
will stop at second
with an RBI double the Yankees are on
the board and the White Sox now lead
three to one
Oh one too crowded fair inside third
Soriano will score Salah day we're out
first he'll stop right there
and the Yankees that close to within one
it's 3 2 right Sox
the center field
a pinch-hit single for payment
the Yankees have totaled the game of
high fly ball deep right Sierra back on
the track at the wall leaks saya a
homerun for Ellsbury and the Yankees
take the lead 4 2 3 2 2 how would you
keep the right-field going that neither
on the track at the wall see ya tie game
take home run for Teixeira and the three
to know until deep to right Derek Garcia
ballgame a walk-off solo shot by Chase
Headley and the Yankees come back and
win a big game against the Boston Red
Sox by stove five to four
three to that one is drilled deep
tilling the field going back joys
turning looking see he gets to job a
four more teams
- vo on that one is drilled deep to left
going back Joy's trap
see ya
three run
but Crisco and the Yankees win
fireworks above the scoreboard at
fireworks right here
Apetit goes to second so to share with
an RBI single and the Yankees are one
away from retime soaked in the Yankees
complete the fireworks in with McCann
tying runs at second bottom of the 12th
the Yankees couple get with it
fourth weekend
coming into this game Alex Rodriguez has
never homered here at Target Field
statistic is going to change
Bendis homerun
the third debt
and let fear be one one Alex Rodriguez
this ball hit hard the left-center field
and Alex Rodriguez is having himself a
big night
a 2-run shot the 22nd of his season to
the Yankees are right back in this 1010
pitch from Perkins hit high in the air
deep centerfield back those Hicks this
one is gone
it's a tie ballgame he's done it three
for the crowd here in Minnesota didn't
waste any time
jumped on Perkins first pitch and this
game is tied at five hit in the air and
this is deep deep right-center field
Hicks going back near the wall and
is gone
on for John Brian Murphy and the Yankees
lead eight to five that one is drilled
in the left centerfield that's trouble
it's in there and it bounces over the
wall Yankees get a tough break because
two would have scored there but the way
it is it's a double to share a scores
and the Yankees have runners on second
and third and they break through with a
run it's 3 1 Toronto the one to that one
is drilled deep to right field
going back Bautista looking up Seija up
pitch a three-run home run for Carlos
Beltran a huge blow for the Yankees and
they leave this game 4 to 3 3 - that one
is drilled deep to right that's their
that's gone
SIA into the second deck Brian McCann
goes yard the Yankees are on the board
it's 2-1 age
the Yankees have tied the game at hand
Ellsberg's gonna score ball
who-whoa see ya
the Yankees lead five to two driven deep
to right field there it goes
SIA a home run for Alex Rodriguez a
two-run shot and the Yankees are on the
twins lead four to two flyball
left-field deep that ball is gone an
opposite field home run by Carlos
Beltran and that ties the game at four
here's the payoff base hit to right
field Headley scores
here comes Gregorius here's the throw
it's cut off it's a two-run single for
Ellsbury and the Yankees have come all
the way back they lead six to four fly
ball that should get in a run catch is
made ref Snyder tags throw comes in to
third it's a sac fly for Gardner and the
Yankees now lead seven to four
Dasia home run a three-run blast into
the bleachers and the Yankees have life
it's the Rockies eight in the Yankee 7
line drive base hit left-center the
Yankees at tar the game
in RBI single for DV and it's 8/8 that
was driven deep to left field
see ya game over a walk-off home run for
stolen Castro and the Yankees win nine
drive to right field going back to track
wall leaps saya a home run for me
7:4 that brings up a run as a time
what a big win for the Yankees they
snatched victory out of the jaws of
defeat and they win this one 9 7