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Monday, June 5, 2017

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Well, The 2017 NFL Football Season is Quickly Approaching. Just not fast enoungh for some of us.
Veterans,Rookies, and all the Fans are eagerly awaiting the new season.

But for those of us that LIVE the game, Breathe the Game, The Promise of Weekly Fantasy Football Contests as Members of is Something Else altogether.

Fantasy Sports has fast become America's Favorite Pastime.

Playing for Millions of Dollars in Cash Prizes each Game day with Entry Fees as Low as Only a Dollar or More has become something of an Addiction for Me!!!

The Thrill, The Suspense, of Knowing that Today, I could win a Million Dollars and actually have it in My Bank Account the Next Day is Quite Overwhelming.

So, when the New NFL Season Kicks off this September, Don't expect me to be anywhere but right right at home, the Tv tuned to the Games, and my Laptop's Browser opened to my Draft Kings Contest Page!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fantasy Football at Draft Kings Promo


 Promo Code HEAVY


Operating in full compliancy with Federal and State Laws

Hassle-Free Cash-Outs

Payments processed immediately following withdrawal.


Account balances held in segregated account
and not used for operational expenses.

Claim First-Time 100% Deposit Bonus

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Join Draftkings Today

The best place to play daily fantasy sports for cash prizes. We offer the biggest money pools for all of the major pro and college sports.

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